No I am not talking about the mystery meat that comes in a can.  I am talking about email spam.  Neither one is very good.  And I get lots of spam.  At work.  At home.  And on this blog.  Today I got one that said “I have seen many sites and is the best”.  I almost kept it.  In the end, however, it went the way of many of its prior counterparts – in the trash.

I almost kept it, not because I think the spambot was actually at my site and read any of the material.  But because it was a compliment (albiet an empty one)…and who doesn’t want a compliment?   And I usually have a hard time excepting compliments…a fact that reared its head last week.

I was entering the building I work in, and there was a man – obviously there on travel…with his rolling suitcase and suit bag over his shoulder – and he was heading to the door, so I opened it and held it for him…you know, cause his hands were full.  And he said “Nice to be greeted by such a pretty lady this early in the morning.”  And I shrugged it off as one of those men that flirts with every woman from 8 to 80.  And trust me I am not being modest…he was.

He had that glint in his eyes…that “I know I just made her day” look on his face as he walked away.  And you know what…he did.  I had a smile on my face for the day as well.

The power of a random compliment.  Maybe I shouldn’t have erased the spam away.  Maybe next time I will keep it.  And pass it on.


3 thoughts on “Spam”

  1. Wow! You should change your attitude toward men and other positive things. Empty compliment or not it was one. That person don’t have time to drool over what you wrote. This comment will probably end up getting erased so…

    1. I don’t censor the comments and did not erase yours. I did find it odd that you took the blog post so negatively. I wasn’t slamming him…he made my day. And he knew it…there is nothing wrong with that. And I am guessing you are not someone who knows me, since most of the people in my life would understand my reluctance to see it as genuine and to assume it was empty.

      I have a pretty healthy attitude about men…and don’t see any reason to think it needs to change. But sincere is obvious…and non-sincere is as well. I read the situation correctly.

      1. I’m being active on WordPress searching for interesting blogs to read. They show only the headline and a few sentences from the post. Yours was interesting. My intention wasn’t to be negative. My earlier comment was what I got from reading. You definitely have a nice sidebar.

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