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Defining Marriage

I am going to be a bit serious today.  And I am asking some questions to start a conversation.  And I am not going to take sides.  I am just going to present the case and see what you have to say.  I ask that you be respectful in answering and anything that is not respectful will be censored – at my discretion.

NY State just passed a new law that allows gay couples to marry.  They are not the first, and will most likely not be the last.  But since they have been in the news, they are on my mind.  I know I have friends on both sides of the fence.  And while I stand firm in my own convictions, I am interested to know your take on the following questions.


Since marriage is a legal standing, with a ceremony that can be performed outside of a church and that may or may not have religious undertones for the couple marrying, does the church get to define marriage any longer?  Should they?

And finally, is marriage, like Christmas, largely commercial if a large portion of people who partake in it do not consider it a religious ceremony?

Again – please be respectful – otherwise you will be deleted.


2 thoughts on “Defining Marriage”

  1. Ok, my opinion… For me (someone who was not raised in the church or with any specific religious beliefs), marriage is an exclusive committment to another person and a promise to respect and honor that person for the rest of your time together. There is no real religious component to it, just as there is no real religious component to how I live my life. My life is about finding my happiness, living the best life I can and helping others to do the same. I’ve been married (you were there Michelle 🙂 and although the ceremony had religious overtones, it wasn’t in a church and the religious parts were more tradition than anything else, not necessarially because I believed what was said or because I wanted it to be a part of the ceremony. Sometimes it’s just easier to conform. I don’t believe the church should have a say in deciding marriage law. Once upon a time it made sense but we are changing and evolving as a society and although the church has changed and evolved as well, I fell like marriage is moving out of their realm. Marriage has become more of a legal issue as is illustrated in the case of same-sex marriage. Same-sex couples don’t just want to be recognized in the church for their union they want legal recognition, which then moves into the area of equal rights and out of the church completely. Marriage is not what it used to be, with the divorce rate continuing to climb, people do not take the committment as seriously as they did many years ago. Giving same-sex couples the opportunity to marry is not going to ruin the institution of marriage, that has been slowly happening for a long time now. It will give those couples, many who have been a part of a traditional marriage in the past, the opportunity to make a committment to their chosen partner and to be recognized legally for this committment whether or not they chose to do so with, or without, the church’s blessing.

  2. Sara took the words right out of my mouth. As someone who is now divorced, I am somewhat anti-marriage… legal or otherwise. 😉

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