I’m remembering

Today will be a fun post…I have been reading this blog called “I’m remembering” for a while now – it takes a look at things we remember from our childhoods (most of it is 80’s and 90’s inspired stuff).  Thought I would share a few of my childhood memories today.  Do you remember?

In no particular order…

Caboodles – I think every girl had one at one time…small or large, it held our scrunchies and other assorted important items

Fun Dip – the candy of choice when I spent a summer sitting by the pool after 7th grade.  Everyday the ice cream man came and I got a Fun Dip

AOL Disk (and eventually CD’s) – I could have wallpapered my room with all of the disks we received.  And with AOL right down the street, it was tempting

Unicorn sticker – I was all about the unicorns.  And rainbows.  Don’t ask…

Designer Impostors perfume – I had the one in the picture.  I loved it

Puffy stickers – I was a sticker connoisseur.  Nuff said

Ring toss – I am pretty sure we had one of these…as did my grandmother.  Again…nuff said

Forever by Judy Blume – this was the first sort of adult book I read.  I was 11 and I learned…well I learned more than an 11 year old should know at 11.  If my niece tries to read it, I will have to stop her

Maybe I will post a few more tomorrow.

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