Time Wasters

I’m remembering part deux

Alright we are back for one more installment from I’m remembering (blog can be found at http://imremembering.com).

In alphabetical order today…

Charm bracelets – made out of the plastic charms we bought at Claire’s (a 12 year olds dream).  I must have had about 200 of them and they were on my keychains – which weighed about 50 lbs.

Fashion Plates – had them, loved them, wish I had saved them for my niece.  Hers are not a good.

Fisher Price School desk – I remember these so well.  The magnet numbers and letters and the chalk board.  I want to get one out now.

Fla-vor-ice – you got like 500 in a box for 10 dollars and they would last all summer and at times until Christmas.  Cheap and sugary.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop – How many licks?

Scratch n Sniff stickers – with the puffy stickers from Thursday, these were revered.

Slap bracelets – had the sores to prove I owned them.

Slush Puppies – a mall treat for when I had been really really good. (See also: Orange Julius!)

Finally, my absolute favorite thing from my childhood – Sweet Valley High!  I was addicted.  Like I was at the store the day of a new release..and the store owner knew me.  That kind of obsessed.  I stopped around book 100 or 110.  And now I hear there is a grownup sequel.  May have to get some old copies and start reading again.


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