Wasting time…and other dalliances from life these days

I have been working a lot.  A lot.  Every day I am in early and out late.  Every weekend I have been spending at least one day at the office.  The only breaks from this routine have been the rare occurrences where I bucked the trend in favor of some other commitment that was made.  So really there has been little break from the incessant movement of the last month.

And this lack of real downtime has manifested itself in some strange ways.

I find myself taking as long as possible to do things at work (which of course compounds the problem since it means I have to put in more hours).  I take the long way around (where normally I am a fastest route possible kind of girl).  I mosey (which is different than the stumbling walk I have after a workout with Liz or a bad sleep night).

It’s like my psyche is saying: STOP!  SLOW DOWN for a moment and let me catch up.

And then my schedule and commitments say: NO WAY!  I HAVE CRAP TO DO!

And then I go to sleep.

Over and over each day, I have this same internal struggle.

So I am reaching out today – pleading for someone to give me a reason to break the cycle.   Plans for this weekend?  Anyone?

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