Good, Bad and Just Plain Evil

I have long been a TV junkie.  I have usually been the one to have at least one show each hour of primetime for at least Sunday to Thursday nights…for years.  The addition of a DVR at my house has opened up my options and I very often find myself with too much on a particular time slot and I have to move some of the shows to “alternate” times (thanks be to God for cable channels that show everything more than once).  And I was one of the people that was drawn into reality TV before it had a name.  Back when the only show that fit that category was Real World on MTV.

I remember watching that series and being fascinated.  Part documentary, part soap opera, part real life, I was fascinated by the the first few seasons.  And then…I wasn’t.   Over the years, as the show got trashier, I lost interest and moved on.  The first season or two of Survivor, a season of Amazing Race, MTV Road Rules and Challenges, and so on.  And I have arrived at a place in my life where I can barely handle most of what is called Reality TV.

But there are a few picks I will let on that I still watch and love:

  1. Project Runway – what I have always loved about this show, is that even with the running commentary and backbiting competition between contestants, the show is still about the WORK.  It is about the fashion, and the workmanship, and the “it” factor.  They are not judged on how well they like or don’t like each other.  It is all about the final product.
  2. The Glee Project – I don’t know if any of you have found this show, but it is about a bunch of kids who are auditioning for a role on my favorite show – GLEE.  And one of them will win a 7 episode stint on the show.  And my love for it knows no bounds.  If you ever wondered what it is like to be young and talented and working really hard to get something you want, this is the show.  You get a glimpse at how much work it takes to put on a full scale musical show each week.  Dancing, singing, acting, video shoots, and yes a little bit of a glimpse at their personalities, and this show is just right.
  3. Top Chef Masters – I love Top Chef.  I love Top Chef All-Stars.  But I adore Top Chef Masters.  Unlike the other 2 where there is a clear underdog, a clear frontrunner, and usually a clear villain, the Masters competition is all about people who have nothing to prove; cooking and competing for charities they are passionate about.  They support each other.  They wish each other well.  They help each other when needed.   It is so refreshing.
These would be my top shows.  Now, there are others that I can watch when nothing else is on.  I love Food Network and HGTV and will catch the Next Food Network Star and Design Star when they are on.   I can sit through Clean House and even Hoarders on occasion.   But there is bad.  And there is just plain evil.
Bad: So You Think You Can Dance (it is not the competition, it is Mary the screaming judge); Bachelor/Bachelorette (I can no handle the idea of someone competing for love that never seems to last…and how can it be real to start with); Real Housewives of …Anywhere (I used to watch, but I am convinced those women are just robots now).
Evil: Jerseylicious, Jersey Shore, pretty much anything with Jersey in the title, Mob Wives, Russian Dolls, etc.  I think you get the point.
So what reality shows will you own up to?

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