Musical Interpretation

How Did You Find Me Here? – Musical Interpretation

I was listening to a CD I had made a while ago and came across an old favorite song of mine – “How Did You Find Me Here?” by David Wilcox.  I first of this song, and this artist, in college when a friend introduced me to the album.  And this song, always has struck me.  I am sure it could be interpreted in many different ways, but I have always chosen to see it like this:  it is about someone who is trying in vain to hide who they are from someone.   But the someone always seems to “know”.

I think I love this song so much now because it is the perfect story of my journey with God.  I have over the years tried to hide who I am – convinced that He will not be happy with the real me – only to find that at every turn, in every corner, and always at the right time, He was there.

My favorite lines of the song are these:  “I couldn’t reach for rescue, I hid myself from you, I couldn’t stand to see me From your point of view.  Cause I knew I’d disappoint you, If I showed to you this child, Who is crying out inside me, Lost in the wild”

How many times have I tried to be something other than what He made me to be and justified it by saying that no one would want the real me?  How many times have I heard that God loves me just a I am, as He made me, only to say it couldn’t possibly be so?  How many times did I pretend that there was no help available to me, when the truth was I was trying so hard to hide that I missed the help provided?

You can hear the song here.

“I feel you behind me, but how did you find me here?”


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