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Things they will never know

As we near the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I am struck with all of the things that I have experienced that my niece and nephew will just see as normal.  They have never known an America that was not attacked by terrorist.  They have never traveled by air without security checks.  They have never known a world like the one I grew up in.  And so, I thought I would list some of the silly stuff that they will just never understand.

  • MTV used to play music.  All of the time.  I can still remember waiting up until midnight to see the premier of  Thriller…my mom stayed up with me.  I remember fighting with my dad to watch it more often…I didn’t have my own TV at the time.
  • Speaking of TV, ours had a dial.  And no remote.  You had a small selection of channels and you watched them.
  • And we had to use the infamous TV guide to find programs on TV.
  • My camera had film…
  • My computer could be started with a floppy disk…
  • And I had to type in a command at the C:/ prompt to do anything.
  • Going to the library meant a card catalog or the encyclopedia.
  • Cassette tapes were the portable music and you had to use a pencil if the tape unwound.
  • There was a little plastic piece that went into the center of a 45 record…it was usually yellow and we always seemed to have about 3000 of them in the house.
  • Boom boxes were hot – carried on your shoulder with music way too loud and they would strut down the street with them.
  • When your Nintendo didn’t work, you could blow on the cartridge and get the dust out and it usually worked.
  • Getting lost and reading maps was an art form – no GPS’s to lead the way.
  • When you needed to type, you used a typewriter.
  • When you needed to make a phone call, and you were not at home, you had to find a phone booth.  They were everywhere.
  • My Atari (yes I had one) had a joystick and 1 button.
  • Anticipating the turn of the century (and singing 1999 while we did so)
They will see a world I couldn’t imagine at their age.  Just as I did with my parents.

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