Updates look promising

So I posted that I had auditioned for a choir and I thought it had not gone well…but I got a call on Saturday that I had in fact made it and I start rehearsals tonight.    It is an odd thing to spend a week worrying over something and have a positive outcome that suddenly makes it all seem so ridiculous.  It proves one thing – I can worry about anything.  Anything.

In other news, there are new people coming into my life.  That is about enough to say for now, but it makes life interesting at least.  Conversation is a very very good thing.

And finally, if you are so inclined, my back has been giving me issues this past couple of weeks.  Prayer would be greatly appreciated.  I have a 5K in less than 2 weeks and I want more than anything to complete it.  I am not sure I can beat my time from the last one – which was my goal this time around – but I know that I at least want to finish it without doubling over in pain.

So lots is happening right now.  It is kind of exciting. 🙂


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