Organization, personal

Decluttering and organizing

Anyone who knows me will tell you that organizing is not my strong suit.  This is actually not really true – I love to organize things.  I love to get in there and make it all fit.  What I am not good at is keeping it up.  And I am not good at getting rid of things until I am down to the bare essentials.

But this coming week I have some time set aside to clean out my craft room and try to get rid of the myriad of things I have been holding on to and have never used.  My hope is to try and donate the items to goodwill and get them out of the house.  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t even miss most of it since I have not used it.

I also plan on trying to pare down the “memories” that I have kept into a smaller and more workable format…in the hopes of keeping the things that are really really important separate from the things that are just fun to remember.

I started a new way of eating last week, and a new bible study the week prior to that.  And now I will end this week by trying to clear out some literal room in my life.  It is kind of liberating.  Or it will be if I can complete it.

So here’s to getting rid of the old.


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