I started a new book study on the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge.    One of the things that they talk about in chapter 1 is the 3 things that every woman wants for her life.

1.  To be romanced.
2.  To be a part of a great adventure
3.  To unveil beauty

Today I want to talk about #1.  To be romanced.  You see, I have never been romanced…I was never that girl.  Until now.  I am being pursued by someone for maybe the first time and I find myself kind on intimidated by the whole thing.  I don’t know how to react…how to hear the things that I am hearing…how to be “that girl” (and no that is not a reference to Marlo Thomas…just you know…THAT girl).

And then I remembered a quote from another book I have been reading called 66 Love Letters and the author said that essentially the Bible is the story of a scorned lover trying to win us back.  So have I been pursued?  Yes!


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