Helpless but not Hopeless

I tend to be someone who puts myself last….at least until I get so fed up that I take back control of me.  It takes a while.  And more often than not, by the time I get there I have depleted my resources to the point that I can’t fight much for what I need…I just retreat and hope for my strength to come back.

Part of my putting myself last is that I try to help if it is at all possible.  If there is anything, within my power, that I can do, I try to do that.  I am not perfect.  I don’t claim to be.  But I try to do all that I can.

Sometimes however, God puts me in a position where I am unable to help.  A place where the situation is so far out of my control that I can’t help but be rendered helpless.  Where the problem is so far out of my scope of ability, that the only feeling I can be left with is to feel helpless.

My saving grace – quite literally – is that even when helpless…I am never hopeless.  Hope is a funny thing.  Even when all seems impossible, it is still there.  Hope sits in the background at all times thanks to my belief in a God that has not let me down.

It is where I find myself today.  Helpless.  But not hopeless.

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