Hypocritical Outrage

I remember when I made the decision to read The DiVinci Code.  Pastor Ray had given a talk about the book and the inaccuracies in the story about Christ and his supposed wife Mary…oh and the child they supposedly had.   I read the book with a mixture of delight – that kind of action/mystery book is right up my alley – and distaste.  I kept seeing things and saying outloud “uh uh”.   I think had I not been distracted by the historical and religious inaccuracies, I would have loved the book.

Last week, I taped a new show on ABC called GCB.  It stands for Good Christian B****es.  Yeah.  The story is about a former mean girl who loses everything when her cheating husband dies trying to get away and she has to return home to Dallas with her 2 kids.  She has changed her ways since she grew up.  But the girls that she bullied in high school have never quite gotten over it.  And they decide to make sure that she is never able to bully them again…by bullying her now.

The show is soapy…a replacement for Desperate Housewives.  It is supposed to be campy and funny and over the top.  You can’t really take it too seriously.  But I find myself turned off by the fact that these women use Scripture and their faith to defend their bad behavior.  I know it happens…I have seen it myself.  There is no shortage of people who act self-righteous about others sins while committing sins of their own.  For me it is a turnoff…and I probably won’t tune in again.

And I have to wonder, if this show would have even made it on the air if the show had shown a different religion.  What if the show was about Muslim B****es or Jewish B****es.  Would they have been allowed on the air?  Or would there be a lawsuit?


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