Lists for today

  1. Working on forgiving myself for a mistake at work.
  2. Craving a soda – I gave them up for Lent (and maybe for longer) and I have been craving one lately.
  3. Had yogurt this AM…I don’t like yogurt, but I know it is good for you
  4. Still playing around with the idea of a 7 day cleanse…but they kind of scare me
  5. Was asked to sing for Easter in DC again…need to decide if I will or not
  6. Work is taking us to NYC for a couple of days in May – trying to coordinate this with a trip there with my sister.  Would be fun to see it with her.
  7. Starting to work on new concert music for the Celebration Singers – but I really hope we will not be doing A Salute to the Armed Forces.
  8. Need to organize and clean out my office in the coming weeks – things are piling up.
  9. Will be installing a closet organizer in the home craft studio/office this weekend.  Can’t wait to start putting that room together again.
  10. I have become obsessed with Sirius/XM ON Broadway station…who saw that coming?
  11. I hope to see Tim this weekend.  It has become paramount that we see each other on the weekends.

11 random facts about right now.  Not particularly funny or interesting I guess.  But then again, that pretty much sums things up.


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