My Silly Bucket List

A friend of mine posted a Bucket list item on Facebook.  She wants to someday buy something from SkyMall.  I love the simplicity of that request – it is not overly complicated, hard to accomplish, or a pipe dream.  I am sure that SkyMall represents something to her. Some achievable goal that she is not quite at yet (as a college student).

So it got me thinking about what my bucket list would look like.

  1. I would like to sing a solo in a large theatre in front of an audience. – this is one that I don’t necessarily feel like I have to achieve…but I would like to.
  2. I would like to see Italy and Australia.
  3. I want to get married.  I want to be married.  I want to stay married.
  4. I would like to go to NYC for a weekend during the Christmas holidays to see the city decorated.
  5. I would like to take a road trip cross country.
  6. I want to buy my own house.
  7. I would like to not live paycheck to paycheck just once in my life.
  8. I want to lose a significant amount of weight.
  9. I want to rediscover the parts of my faith that I let slide.
  10. I want to see my niece and nephew grow up.

It’s pretty silly really.  These are all things (most of them anyways) that I can control.  Decisions I can make, or not make, that will make these things possible.


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