Used to be…

I saw this challenge today to document where you were 5 years ago, 10 years ago, etc…so I thought I would take a little look back.  And this may be a test to see what I can actually remember.

Today: 2012
Status: in a relationship
Job:  Account Representative at NPO Direct Marketing
Home: Current Residence
Church: homeless – still at member at FBCW but not attending in a year
Other:  Singing with the Celebration Singers

5 years ago:  2007
Status: Single (this doesn’t change much really)
Job: I was temping for a government contractor in Crystal City.  I knew the contract was coming to an end but had just found out that they had decided not to offer me a position at the company.
Home: Same as current residence
Church: First Baptist Church of Woodbridge
Other: I left the Praise Team at church (a significant moment), and later this year I would start working in women’s ministry.

10 years ago: 2002
Status: Single (really do I have to keep saying it?)
Job: I had just been laid off (last week of March) from Ebara Technologies.  I thought the world was ending.  I loved that job and never thought I would leave.  It was a huge change and the start of a 10 year journey to recover financially.
Home: Preparing to move into a townhouse with my friend Cari
Church: First Baptist Church of Woodbridge
Other: preparing for trip 2 to Germany with mission trip, singing in the choir and praise team at FBCW, singles ministry, Matthew was preparing to leave for Maine

15 years ago: 1997
Status: Single (this is getting ridiculous)
Job: Full time college student at George Mason University, part time worked at the Rubbermaid Store, summers at Nissan Pavilion
Home: with Mom and Dad
Church: Not a part of my life then

20 years ago: 1992
Status: Single (yep…you guessed it)
Job: Part time student at NOVA and part time at the Prince William Public Library
Home: with Mom, Dad and Heather
Church: Not a part of my life then

I feel like very little has changed and yet everything has changed.  Where have you been?


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