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Checking in on One Little Word

It is said that you can’t appreciate the light unless you have been in the dark.

Well, right now, I am appreciating the light.  When God gave me the word RELAX for My One Little Word for 2012 I had my doubts.  Relaxing – at least emotionally and psychologically – has never been my strong suit.  Trust me – I can physically relax with the best of them…I sleep like its my job some days.  But letting my mind rest, letting my spirit rest, that has always been difficult.

So we are now entering our 4th month of 2012, and I thought I would update you on how God has been walking me through this so far.

  • I have noticed that stress appears again and again…however, my ability to let it go has increased.
  • There is a lightness about me right now – my shoulders are no longer holding the entire weight of the world on them.
  • There is a noticeable change in me – I can feel it and others have seen it.
  • I am working on trying to not worry so much (a herculean feat to be sure).

So want some specifics?  Well, it’s not all my stress to share – some I inherited from others and took on myself (and yes I realize while writing that how ridiculous it sounds).  So suffice it to say, right now, things are ok.  I fully expect that God will start again on me…the fall may be particularly trying as work goes into hyper-speed.  In the meantime, I have a lot to look forward to.

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