Randomness for Monday

1.  I was super super emotional this weekend.  Crying bouts and depression.  I know why.  I can’t change it and I can’t just snap out of it.  Whining will do no good.  But still the feelings persist.  I would like to find some semblance of normal again.

2.  The NYC trip is coming fast.  Still need to get a ride home from the metro – on Mothers Day at dinner time.  I realize the absurdity of that request but it reminds me how much I miss having friends who lived close…and how much it sucks that T is not closer.

3.  Feeling the need to start the couch to 5K program again.

4.  I have been off soda since February.  Need to weed myself off of bread…that will be infinitely harder I think.

5.  Loving my new iPhone but I hate that the charge does not last very long.  Which reminds me I will need to order a second charger.

6.  I need to clean my office at work and at home.

7.  I had a salad for lunch and I hope it keeps me full until I get home tonight.

8.  I need new tennis shoes.

9.  I got to see some great friends this weekend and t was fun to catch up a little.  But I think it contributed to my sad mood.

10.  Remember my One Little Word for 2012 – RELAX?  Working on it.


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