Just over a week ago, I posted about the heartache of realizing that someone needed to leave to my life.  I have been spending quite a bit of time thinking over the whole situation…and have chosen to not to do anything just yet.  Sorting my way through the emotions and conflicting ideas in my head has been occupying almost every waking moment of the last few days.

My choice to not do anything right now is based on several things – a need to “sort things out” in my own head, the belief that this decision is not one to take lightly, and a selfish desire to not want to let go…even when I know I should.   Taking the time to make sure that I am doing the right thing and not just taking an “easier” way out is part of the struggle.

I say “easier” because none of this is easy.  In some ways however, it would be easier to let this person go…because I know what it was like without them.  The known – in this case – is easier…but I need to make sure it is right as well.

So in short, I have not made a decision at all.  And for now, I am ok with that.


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