I really don’t like that word…staycation.  It means a vacation without going anywhere.  But it makes me sad…vacation has a better connotation and why do we need a special word for staying home on vacation?

Anyway, next week is my vacation at work and I am not heading anywhere.  I have a load of stuff to get done at work, 2 concerts, help with a conference and a bunch of other things that I would love to get done while I am home.  Realistically, if I can get some of it done I will feel good about it – but it would be nice to check it all off my list.

One of the things I am hoping to do is to go to the Lewis Ginter Botanic Garden to take some pictures.  The Garden is located in Richmond (or slightly outside or the city itself) and I have been hoping to get there for a while.   They are have a butterfly event this summer…should be beautiful.  And if I am up for it, I would like to get over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.

Mostly I plan on trying to relax…remember that was my word of 2012?  Well I suck at it. Really really suck at it.  And things are about to go sub-atomoic at work as we head into the fall and it is only going to get worse.  I will need this week to just focus myself and get ready. So this staycation (still hate that word) is much needed.

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