There are many things that I am typically not good at.  Dancing is one.  I am not good at, I never have been (I usually say that in order to sing, I have to have an innate sense of rhythm…but my feet have never been informed of that).  I am not good at keeping to one organizational system.  I change my mind too often and am constantly looking for a “better” way.

One thing I am pretty good at is reading situations and people.  I have a pretty good instinct about things and people.  Something will bother me and while I may not act immediately, eventually it seems that my bad feeling is validated at some point.   Whether it be by someone else, or some situation that brings that bad feeling into the light – usually (but not always) I am right about it.

So what happens when you believe in something that no one else does?  Or you don’t believe it when everyone else does?

I am facing that right now.  All I will say is that for now, just keep praying.  My instincts are pretty good overall.


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