An Open Wound

I am sitting here unable to sleep.  We argued again.  It is not uncommon.  Usually it is something stupid and it goes away.  Sometimes it lingers and the bitterness creeps in.  Somtimes, like tonight, it makes me think.

Love is a little like an open wound.  I know, I know…love heals wounds.  I agree.  Maybe it should be relationships are like open wounds.  You allow yourself to be open and vulnerable with someone.  You expose the parts of yourself you would normally keep hidden.  And you hope that they don’t trounce all over you.

But each time you argue, fight, make up, laugh, and start the process all over again, you are letting someone else control that open wound.  They have the power to make it hurt or make it heal. 

Tonight, we are healing.  Tomorrow we start the whole thing over again.  We’ll have to see how that goes.


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