There are things I can’t tell you

I was once accused of being old, blunt and apathetic.  Mind you I was all of 18 or 19 when it was said so old is relative.  But blunt…yep I usually am.  Over the years I have learned to temper that impulse a bit and pick my moments…or maybe I just choose the people better who can take it.

As for the apathetic part, I don’t really think that ever applied…really.  I have had the opposite problem – I tend to care too much.  I care about what people think, what they do, how what I do will affect them and so on.  I over-care if anything.

So when I see someone who is obviously hurting, and who is doing a not so good job of trying to act like it is all ok, I tend to want to try and help…at the very least I pray for them…at the most, I jump in full force and try to “fix” them, help heal the hurt a little.  And when you have a savior complex like that you tend to get burned a lot.  You know why?


You see I get in his way often.  I jump in to save someone and don’t trust that God has it all under control.  I need to sit back and wait (which I am very very very very very bad at…got that I suck at it).

Today I am seeing the value of sitting back and waiting.  You see someone I know if hurting and they can’t tell me about it.  I have been praying on their behalf.  And I think they have been praying on their behalf.  And now I need to sit back and let God do His thing.


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