The Revenge Factor

Don’t worry…I am not going to go all Kill Bill on him.  Nor do I plan to actually take out revenge.  I dreamed about it last night though.  It was not nearly as satisfying in the dream as you would think.  My sub conscience was warning me that revenge is not the best policy.

I said yesterday that I wanted him to know how it feels.  For him to have to stand up and feel how badly he hurt everyone.   For someone else to hurt him that badly.

The thing is at the end of the day I pity him.  I pity his need to lie his way through life.  I pity his ego that is so big that he thinks he can treat people this way and get away with it.  I pity the man who is so desperate to have that he is willing to run over those around him…those who tried to help.  And I pity someone who will never know what it is like to really love and be loved…I don’t think he is truly capable of that right now.

Truth is life.  And he is living a false one every time that he lies.



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