Dinner with a friend

A conversation at dinner last night got me thinking about the last week and how floored I am at how many of you have reached out and/or kept up with the blog posts.  Back when I started the blog, I wrote because I was feeling a need to.  And I was lucky to get 5 readers anytime I posted something.  Over the last week, I have averaged about 45.  I realize in the blogging world, 45 is a small number.  But when you consider what the posts have been about, it has been a little overwhelming to see how many of you that I rarely ever see have been at all interested in my heartbreak.

The conversation last night that brought all this up was about how as we mature (whether through age or change of life circumstances) we rely less and less of how many people we have as friends and really hone in on the ones who lift us up and make us better people.  (I am paraphrasing here – Sara may have seen it different)  I am at a place in my life where I can say, for the most part, I have those people around me.  And the blogging experience makes it clear that the circle of people who care is a lot wider than I thought it was.

I hope I can return the favor someday that you all have bestowed on me.  Thank you.


1 thought on “Dinner with a friend”

  1. We can’t help but love you…you’re just so wonderful! If you ever need anything (say, an alibi…lol), I’m here for you! Hang in there…you’re in my thoughts and prayers! Love you!

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