A reminder

I was recently reminded of the another time when the rug was pulled out from under me.  It was not the last time, but it was a significant time and the lessons I got from that experience were vast.  I had gotten a job working at a church that catered to artists.  How perfect that job seemed.  But after 9 months I was canned.  And in the firing meeting, I was told that I was just not good at my job.

All of the things I had always prided myself on when it came to work, were the very things that they seemed to despise in me.  And the things I had always been good at, they felt I wasn’t.  It was a heartbreaking day.  I remember driving home in tears thinking…what now?  How do I move on when everything I thought to be true isn’t?  How do I get another job when I am so bad at the one I thought I was good at?

Sound familiar?

It is eerily similar to the situation I find myself in now.  Not at work but with T.  Everything I thought I knew, is not true.  And there is a feeling of “What now?  How do I trust again, when I am obviously not good at it?”

A friend pointed out that my attitude back then stayed fairly positive once the shock wore off.  And God – ever faithful – did the miraculous.  He brought me to a job and at my first review – 6 months in – my boss told me she loved all of the things that they hated about me.  And she thought I was really good at the things that they said I wasn’t.  It was almost a word for word retraction of everything that had been said just 8 months prior.

The confirmation that He provided through my boss, was all I needed to get back on track completely.  I found my faith again in myself and my abilities.  I learned that essentially one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (to use an old cliche).  And I learned that God, in his wisdom, knew that I needed to have that experience before I could be ready to move into this one.

And by the way, this really is the perfect job for me right now.  I don’t know where it will lead in the future…I just know that I have learned so much more than I thought I would and I have grown to love it so much more than I thought possible.




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