I realize that I write the best when I have something personal to share.  I can not write fiction…I was always bad at it…even though my imagination was pretty big.  What it means is that I have a hard time writing about the everyday…its so boring.  So unless something happens – like my recent broken heart – I find it hard to write.

I say all of this today because, the writing has helped me immensely the last couple of weeks.   It has allowed me to take a few moments to write down what is in my head so that it no longer inhabits that space and I can move about my day more freely.  Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way, suggests a more freeform way of writing called Morning Pages.   A brain dump first thing in the morning to clear your head for the day ahead.

So today I am going to brain dump a little this morning.  It is random…and you may see or read things you didn’t necessarily want to know.  You can stop reading now if you like.  But if you are sticking around, here goes…

1.  I dreamt about T last night…it was odd.  She was divorcing him and she called me a character witness against him.  I remember in the dream being really confused…it had been some time since all this happened.   I woke up before it ended.

2.  Chafing is a fat girl issue.  That is all I have to say about this.

3.  I finished day 3 at the gym.  I challenged myself to 28 days in the gym.  As long as I don’t die first…or faceplant at my desk from being tired, I think I can finish.

4.  Jiggle is a fat girl issue.  That is all I have to say about that.

5.  My car needs an oil change…I should probably add that to my calendar instead of my blog…BRB…

6.  Ok, now that is done.  On to other things.

7.  Work is really busy.  A good thing right now as I could use the distraction.  But it means I left the office yesterday with 57 unread emails.  Ugh.

8.  I can’t wait for the election to be over.  I don’t care where you fall in the political spectrum, I am tired of hearing about it.  And I am tired of the mudslinging – candidates and friends.

9.  My arms are like jelly today.

10.  I love my iPhone but I am totally addicted to checking it every few minutes.  It comes from dating T…we were on the phone constantly and now I have to check.  And no one has ever called except…

11.  These scammers from a weight loss company who call me several times a day from different numbers and I keep yelling at them.

12.  Never made it to Culpeper last weekend…so next weekend I have to go.  I hope it does not rain.

Aren’t you glad you stuck around?

3 thoughts on “Inspired”

  1. Yes! I am glad I stuck around 🙂 I really *love* reading your blog, Michelle. Your writing is refreshing – so honest, poignant, often funny, sometimes quirky. I awed by the depth of your recent posts about T. While I am so sad for your heartbreak and pain, you have such insight… your posts are inspiring. xo

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