I saw this pin on Pinterest today and it struck a chord.

I learned to GIVE not because I have many but because I know exactly how it feels to have NOTHING.

I feel like this statement applies to so many different situations.  Giving, takes many forms.  It can be physical, emotional or relating to things and money.  Emotional giving is something that I have learned over the years…thanks in part to the above statement.  I know what it is like to be involved with people who don’t know what that means.  Or don’t know how.  Or don’t care to do better.    When you have been treated like nothing, you learn to be more giving to those so that you never make anyone feel the way that you have.

I realize this sounds like I am tooting my own horn.  And maybe I am.  Maybe this is bragging.  But the best compliment I ever got was when someone told me I really knew how to be a friend.  I do – but only because I have been in the position to be friendless.  Any generosity I have comes from the fact that I have known those who have not been generous to me.

This brings me to something else.  I don’t hate people anymore.  I have had occasion to hate (recently if you have been following) but I know what it means to be hated.  I once knew someone whom I referred to as my nemesis…he hated me.  We hit all the wrong notes with each other.  It has been years since we saw each other – I am no longer a blip on the radar – but his hating me stuck with me.

And so I don’t hate T.  Or his new wife.  I hate what he did.  I hate how he did it.  But I can’t hate him.  Invariably it would make no difference to him if I did.  But it would make a difference to me.  It would mean that he effected me negatively in a long term kind of way.

I want to live a generous life.  And hate has no place in that.


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