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Don’t Your Forget About Me – An 80’s playlist

I read a post this AM where the woman was listing out a mix tape from her childhood.  She could pinpoint the song meanings in her life and most had to do with either a crush or a boyfriend.   I can’t necessarily do that – but I can compile an 80’s song list with specific memories…so here goes:

1.  Here I Go Again – Whitesnake.  I was in 9th grade and there was a small group of us that were friends.  My friends Amy, Dave (who was dating Alicia) and Wes (who was dating Liz) along with some guy I didn’t know who was friends with at least one of them, all met at Alicia’s house for a Valentines party.  It basically consisted of listening to Whitesnake, while the couples made out in a dark room and Amy, the unknown guy and I, hung out in the kitchen trying not to pay attention.  Yes….good times.

2.  Lady of My Heart – Jack Wagner.  I can confess this at my age, Jack Wagner was my first concert.  My dad took me and a neighbor to DC and the opening act was a very raunchy Roseanne Barr.  No one knew who she was, but my dad was so pissed that she opening.  I chose this song because it was the very reason that I wanted to see him live.  You see, Jack Wagner will forever be Frisco Jones to my 11 year old heart.  Frisco was his character on General Hospital and it was this song that he sang to his lady love Felicia.  Ahhh….

3.  Thriller – Michael Jackson.  I got the Thriller album (yes a 33 1/3 record album) for my 10th birthday.    It was amazing and I listened to it constantly.  I also remember the video launch for this song.  They debuted the video on MTV (when it was still about music) at like 11 pm one night.  And my mom stayed up to watch it with me.  14 minutes later, we both had to get to bed as it was scaring the bejeesus out of us.

4.  At This Moment – Billy Vera and the Beaters.  All I will say is Family Ties, Michael J Fox, Tracey Pollen and some tears.

5.  Almost Paradise – Mike Reno and Ann Wilson.  I wanted that kind of love.  A guy in hot red leather pants who would sing to me and swear that he could see forever in my eyes.  I had the 45 of this song.  I can still sing it word for word.

6.  Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds.  It had to be on the list – I titled the post with it.  But did you guess it brings back images on my favorite movie ever – Breakfast Club.  There is something about Judd Nelson walking across that field pumping his fist in the air…I didn’t fit any of the stereotypes exactly, but aren’t we all just an athlete, basket-case, princess, brain and criminal at heart?

7.  Separate Lives – Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin.  This was the song of my love gone wrong fantasy.  It was so sad, so melodramatic, so over the top…I loved every moment of it.

8.  Sister Christian – Night Ranger.  Sister Christian, oh the time has come….  I had no idea what the song meant, but I loved it!

9.  Oh Sherry – Steve Perry.  The greatest voice in Soft-Rock History (IMHO) walking down a staircase…LOVE LOVE LOVE.

10.  Lastly I want to talk about my political activist songs.  I lump them all together because they all seem to get lumped in my mind:

  • The Russians – Sting
  • Luka – Suzanne Vega
  • Behind the Wall – Tracy Chapman (haunting and still gets me)

There it is…a very special play list.  I could keep going.  Like I may have to have volumes of playlists to really give you my 80’s experience.  But this is a good start.

Wanna suggest any songs I should consider for the next installment?



2 thoughts on “Don’t Your Forget About Me – An 80’s playlist”

  1. Great list! “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley reminds me of being at the pool during the summer between 6th and 7th grade.

  2. Love those songs too! My most memorable is Abracadabra by Steve Miller. I can’t explain it but I just loved that song! I took my cassette player and recorded it off the radio and then would play then stop the song to write down word for word and then I memorized the song…which was a good thing because when my dad found it, he threw it away. You could do a montage of my life with 80’s music!

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