The state of things

I have not written in a couple of weeks.  A lot has been happening.  Mostly it has been work related, but there are a few things I can fill you in on.

I got the closure that I needed from T.  Very long story, but let’s just say, I heard enough.  And I have not looked back since.  The freedom that came from that, was well worth the pain it took to get that closure.

I tried my hand at dating again.  Great first date.  Fantastic first date.  His suggestion for a second date was to go to a hotel.  So no second date.

It brings me to this today:  Is this the new normal?  Is there “normal” anymore?

I realize that I don’t date very often.  And I am used to fending off the predator like men I meet online.  You can usually see the signs in the way they talk to you.  But this was not like that.  And yet, ultimately, it was.  He was exactly like the others.

I know it is safer in some ways to meet someone in person.  But I never meet new people.  I don’t have the kind of life where I meet new people.  And I am not the girl that gets fixed up with people.  So now what?

Is my friend Jeff right – do I need to become a prison penpal?

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