Blue Christmas

Melancholy has set in here in VA this week.  A sadness I have yet to put my finger on but I am sure has something to do with the emotional roller coaster over the last 5 months.  Each year Christmas loses a little of its magic for me and this year has been no exception.  As I look outside now, it is gray and overcast…a lot like my emotions lately.   I think this melancholy is part of the reason that I wanted to do the Journal Your Christmas project this year.  I had hoped to regain some of the feeling I have been missing.  But the memories, the good ones anyway, have not been easy to bring to mind…and the mindlessness of my current situation are not helping to create new ones.

Life is in a holding pattern right now it seems.  I am preparing for something – something big I hope – but for now am standing still.  And the standing still has proved a lot harder than it used it be.  I am awaiting a new year, a new opportunity, a new something – and it is on the horizon…just not quite close enough to get too excited about yet.

And so for now, I am having a Blue Christmas (is it just me or do you hear Elvis when I say that like I do?).

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