JYC - 2012

JYC 2012 – Day 9 Special Treats

Cookies, cookies and more cookies – My grandmother makes 2 cookies I can’t wait for each year…Pizzelle’s (a flat waffle iron type cookie with powdered sugar) and Pecan Balls ( small crumbly balls of pecans and dough baked and then rolled in powdered sugar).

To drink – I like Caramel Spiced Cider from Starbucks.  Or Peppermint flavored Hot Chocolate.

Other foods – cocktail meatballs (made with Jelly and Chili Sauce), a new recipe I tried this weekend – dried cranberry pinwheels, a roast for Christmas dinner (Roast Beast as Dr. Suess would say), and our Christmas morning tradition of sausage and cheese biscuits.

Not to mention the pies, cakes, and countless appetizers that come this time of year.



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