JYC - 2012

JYC 2012 – Day 18 Christmas Dinner

My Christmas life can be summed up in 2 acronyms… B.D.D and A.D.D (that would be Before Dad Died and After Dad Died).  Morbid I know, but it brought about a shift in tradition that has never quite been overcome.   Christmas dinner B.D.D was family time – traditional dinner was Turkey or a Roast with all the trimmings.  The A.D.D time frame has seen a lot of different Christmas Dinners.  We have celebrated at my sisters in-laws.  We have dined at friends houses.  We have eaten at home just mom and I.  We have even eaten Chinese Food out at a restaurant.  Truthfully, none of it really feels like Christmas yet.  What was once a joyous dinner with family after a long day of gifts and frivolity, has become a quiet ritual – you have to eat at some point and it doesn’t really matter where you are.

I know the day will come when a shift will happen again.  Maybe it will be if I get married.  Or if mom or I move away.  Or if we someday travel to have Christmas elsewhere.  For now, what I know is that it is not what it used to be…and I often long for the old days of bickering at the table with my sister or hearing dad tell a bad joke for the 1,000th time.   A time when family was the most important thing that day.

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