JYC - 2012

JYC 2012 – Day 22 So Grateful

You may notice that I have skipped day 21.  I need to get a picture uploaded today for that one, so for now, I will write #22 and come back to #21.

Today is about being thankful for what the year has already brought.  I worte a couple of weeks ago about this being a rather blue Christmas.  And it has been – but there are things I am thankful for

  • Heather and Jeff and the kids are here this year for Christmas
  • I found a kicking winter coat for just $78!  I love the color and it is going to keep me warm this year.
  • My family has been helping me prep for moving in 2013 – some kitchen supplies and bathroom towels and a shower curtain – check!
  • I get a scrapbooking day with the girls today – the crew is all back together.
  • I had a 6 day weekend for Christmas (of course I spent 2 days of it working technically)
  • We got Christmas bonuses at work this year.
  • My date last week was not a total disaster. (which is a miracle these days)




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