I thought I was sure…

I thought I was sure about where I wanted to move.  Culpeper.  Done.

Not so fast.

Now I am looking at additional places – Orange and Tappahannock.   The mountains or the Eastern Shore.  Apparently my mind is all over the place when it comes to this move.  Partially I am looking for someplace cheaper.  Partially I am looking for someplace quieter.  Partially I am looking for something really different.  All in all, I need change.

It means I will have to have more than one residence.  I will have to spend nights at my mom’s when I need to go to the office to work.  But it may be worth it.

Tappanhannock kind of came out of nowhere.  As a kid, my grandparents lived near there and we would pass through Tappahannock each time we traveled to their house.   I am kind of looking forward to going out there to see if I would like it there.

So much to consider in the coming months.  And a lot left to do.

Fingers crossed…prayers lifted.



1 thought on “I thought I was sure…”

  1. My dad retired to Reedville, so we pass through Tappahannock to get there. Such a lovely, peaceful, scenic area. Best of luck in your search for your new home!

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