Project Life - 2013

Project Life – 2013 edition

I started doing Project Life (a scrapbooking system) last year and after about 4 weeks, I was so far behind that I dropped the whole thing…disgusted with myself that I couldn’t make it work for me.

The original concept for PL is to record every day – a little something every day.  But I can’t.  I just can’t.  I keep up with it, I can’t keep track of it.  I can’t.  So, I gave myself a break this year and I am recording what I can.  So instead of a 2 page spread each week, my “week” might be 10 days or 20 days…I will keep it flowing as I can – rather than push for more.

I took a few pics of my first couple of pages.  The cover is rather generic and it is missing one important quote I pulled to put there (I need to print it off) so you will see a white space:

PL - Page 1

The next spread lasted 9 days – you can see my nail appointment, movies watched, tv shows on Netflix, a text message from my niece and some more blank places where I need to journal – why does that always come last?



And then the last spread which lasted from Jan 10 to the 20th.  There is a lot that still needs to be done here…but it is started.   And I will finish this weekend.

P1080770 P1080771


1 thought on “Project Life – 2013 edition”

  1. I have some similar ‘Project Life’ products, but I have yet to actually start an album. Mine will look much more like yours… You should be really proud – your pages are beautiful and you are doing it ‘your way.’ Best to have 9 days in one spread than no spread at all. Honestly, since I don’t have kids, I feel like I don’t do enough interesting/different things in a week! Mine will be like one spread per month 🙂 Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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