40 by 40

Revisiting 40 before 40 – End of January

So I set some goals for myself at the beginning of the month in relation to the 40 before 40 list.  Below are the updates:

January 2013 – To Do list

5.  Start Project Life 2013 with a new purpose – relax and let it happen as it does. – YEAH!  I am happy to report that I have in fact started the month and I am giving myself some wiggle room to make it mine.
6.  Give up fast food. – I think I slipped once this month but for the most part, done.
7.  Walk 40K this month – nope.  Really need to get this going again.
9.  Take at least 12 pictures. – I think it is close (I will have to count to be sure)
10.  Blog 4 times. – Done
14.  Don’t bite my nails – done (although they are breaking left and right this past week)
16.  Spend at least 1 day each weekend out in the world. – I got out of the house each weekend…I may not have stayed out too long, but I did get out.
20.  Read 2 books – I finished one book and have been making my way through 2 more – I call this success.
27.  Start the Made to Crave Bible Study – I did…although I have not felt very well this last 2 weeks.   I have been trying to keep up with the homework however.
29.  Try 2 new recipes – yes and neither was good…yuck!
30.  Try 1 new food – hmmm…I don’t know that I did this.
31.  Try one thing from Pinterest – the recipes were from pinterest
32.  Look for places to be renewed each day – this is a little harder to quantify.
33.  Spend time in prayer each morning – some days are easier than others.  But I have been trying to at least do a devotion each morning (Jesus Calling) and pray to start the day.

So all in all – not too bad.  Tomorrow I will post the next list for Feb.


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