Blogging your heart

I am totally stealing this idea from a blogger named Stephanie Howell.  You can find her blog here.  There are rules – you can find them in her posts.

The idea is that you brain dump about what is on your mind.  And here it goes:

1.  Lately it seems like one small thing throws my schedule off the track.   I missed 2 rehearsals.  I find that I need a more balanced schedule than I have been keeping.  Once I am working at home full time, I will need that discipline.  So the time to start is now.

2.  Had a great breakfast with Penny and Sara this weekend.  It has been entirely too long since I saw Penny.  Keep thinking I need a weekend in SC.

3.  Started this 8 week challenge with my sister and her friends.  I totally fell off the wagon.   So today I reboot the program.  So here is to 8 weeks.

4.  Feeling lonely this week.  Not sure what is going on.  Maybe it is the schedule thing – or maybe it’s just the time of year – I don’t know.  But it is acute right now.

5.  I can’t remember laughing really hard in a long time.  I posted a video this AM of a baby laughing on Facebook and it just reminds me that I don’t laugh like that anymore.  When did I get so serious?  I wasn’t always like this.

6.  Fear has been setting in about the move.  Maybe that is where this is all coming from.  I am pushing through it but it is there.

7.  Falling behind on my 40 before 40 list.  Way behind.  Will need to do some serious catch up over the next few months.

8.  I feel like I need to make some extra cash.  Probably part of the fear from moving thing.

9.  Purging my life right now.  Physical stuff…and based on above…emotional stuff as well.


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