40 by 40

40 Before 40 – February wrap-up

So as you are about to see – this month was no so great.  I mentioned this before but the fear of moving is really setting in so I think that combined with not feeling well and cold weather has lead to a slowdown.
March – has to be better.
  1. Continue 2013 Project Life – and finish completely the January pages already started. – well I have sort of done this…I need to print a bunch of things.  Hopefully this weekend.
  2. No fast food. – um…no so much.  I did three times this month.  
  3. Walk 40K this month. – yeah…no
  4. Take 12 pictures. – I think a took a few on my phone but not really.
  5. Blog 4 times. – nope today makes 3. I started 3 more but never finished them.
  6. Purge at least 1/4 of the supplies in my scrap room – either by giving, selling or using it up. – YES!  Success here.  They are gone and with my sister or Sara.
  7. Purge my wardrobe of the things I no longer love and use. – I threw away some things.  Need to do more.
  8. Regrow my broken nails on plan on a bi-weekly manicure (a little $12 a week gift to me).  Yes and no.  I don’t bite them…no manicure since January.
  9. Spend at least 1 day each weekend out in the world. – that I have managed to do…or at least a part of a day each weekend.
  10. Read at least 2 books. – no.  But I did manage to see a lot of Grumpy Cat this month…
  11. Continue the Made to Crave Bible Study at FBCW. – I sort of fell out of this when I got sick one week.  I have the books however and am soldiering on alone with it.
  12. Try at least 2 new recipes. – I think I did.
  13. Try at least 1 new food. – no
  14. Try one thing from Pinterest. – Yes, but I don’t really remember what it was…
  15. Embrace my word for 2013 – Renew.  Look for places where I can be renewed each day. – many days this was not happening but occasionally it did.
  16. Spend time in prayer each morning before things get too crazy for the day.  Allow myself to be quiet in His presence at least half of that time. – yes, but not everyday yet
  17. Listen to 1 new Broadway soundtrack. – Yes!
  18. Travel to NYC for a weekend in December (a hard one usually since I am busy) – I am not sure why this was in the Feb list…it should not have been

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