On An Upswing

7 months ago today, my world turned upside down.  It has been a dark few months with a lot of internal struggle, anger, animosity, and proverbial gnashing of teeth.   And in the last few weeks there has been a change…an upswing.  A moving forward that I didn’t really see coming.  But there it is.

I toured an apartment in a new town this week.  While I didn’t get that one, I did get put on the list for one opening up in May.  Perfect timing really – trying to move by April 1 would have been a stretch.  I still have to get approved for the apartment but regardless of how it turns out, it has given me this propelling motion…moving forward is a good thing.

I have a couple of concerts I am looking forward to, a baby shower I am helping to plan, and a busy work schedule that is thankfully slowing down for the year.  (Slowing…not slow).

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