Reversal of Fortune

I have been staying clear of this blog for several weeks.  It has been deliberate and difficult.  From my last posts, you should know that I have been planning a move for the better part of the last year and everything was starting to happen.  On March 21, I was approved for an apartment in Tappahannock.  That move was facilitated by the fact that my job was letting me work from home full time and so I would keep my big town salary and benefits and still get to move to a small town that was cheaper.

On March 25, I found out that I am losing my job on May 31.  The company is closing down this summer.  And this all means that the move is off.

My avoidance of talking about it really was in deference to the fact that the companies clients and vendors needed to be notified (and since some of them are connected to my Facebook account I didn’t want them to find out from me).

I have to say, the shock of learning I was losing my job took priority over the fact that I would not be moving.  It took a while for that hurt to set in.   But it has now.  And the sadness is prett overwhelming.

I had a phone interview last week and have been sending out resumes.  I would like to stay in the field I am in now, non-profit fundraising, and am even considering trying to work at a museum directly.   I am also applying for jobs in other parts of the country.  Since I was hoping to move, there is no reason that I would have to stay here unless that is where the job offer was.

I would appreciate your prayers.  As many of you know, I have been here before.  But this one was hard…I loved this job.  I love this company.  I love these people I work with.  And that is very very rare.


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