And miles to go…

I have gone silent again.  Mostly because talking about the job loss and the interviews and the waiting is tedious to live through and tedious to write about.  Thought I would update you on what has been happening since I last wrote.

I have been interviewing and sending out resumes for weeks now.  Some great conversations but so far no offers.  I have to believe the right one is out there, but for now I am still applying and waiting.  This Friday is my last day at my current job and I am facing unemployment for the first time in 5 years.  I need a miracle and I need it soon.

It is amazing how far things have fallen since March.  I was planning a move and telecommuting for a company I loved to staying where I am and realizing that in less than a week I will be jobless as well.

I have been emailing people to say goodbye, cleaning out my office and checking back with all of the places that I applied to see if anyone can be eliminated from my lists.  A couple of the recent ones I know I will need to wait.

The waiting is the frustrating part right now.  I am not good at it and I don’t like it. (Hrumph – arms crossed over chest and a pout on my lips) I sound a little bit like my 12 year old self there but I need that bit of whining at this moment.

I am hoping to get back to writing again.  I may need the outlet.


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