40 by 40 – a 6 (and a little over) month update

I am not turning 40 for another 5 ½ months, but I wanted to give an update on the 40 before 40 list I started last December.   I started this list as a way to document my last year in my 30’s.  It was ambitious and in some ways it was a “wish” list vs. a “must-do” list.  I abandoned it when I found out I was losing my job – truthfully I couldn’t focus on it.  But now that I have been at my new job for a couple of months, I wanted to give an update on where I am with each of those wishes…maybe in 6 months I will see some of them completed.   Crossed through items have been accomplished and crossing them out saved you from having to read my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the end of each.

  1. Find a new church home – this is one that I struggle with a lot.  As many of you know I had a church home for almost 12 years.  I was very, very active there.   That is how I met each of my closest friends.  But I felt it was not the right fit – I felt called from there.  And some days I struggle with the decision to go back.  I am still not convinced it is the right place for me.  But I may have to darken the doors there again to be sure.  Watch out FBCW – I may be making an appearance soon.
  2. Move into my own apartment.  Living by myself with no roommate. – Having lost my job this is no longer a possibility this year.  And truthfully, it hurts my heart to say that.
  3. Take a trip to KY to see my sisters new home. – I am hoping to do this in the fall.
  4. Take a trip to SC to see my favorite retired people. – If I am lucky I will be able to get away one weekend for a trip down there.  If not, I know they will understand and will make room for me to visit later.
  5. Start and (almost) complete the 2013 Project Life book I will be starting on Jan 1. – Nope.  What I have done instead is I have started to incorporate PL into my regular scrapbooking – taking some of the pressure off of me when it comes to events with a lot of images.
  6. Last year I gave up soda…this year it is fast food. – I have absolutely not been successful here.  But I am getting better at it.  Cold turkey in this case has been impossible. 
  7. Walk at least the equivalent of a 10K each week. – This pains me to say it has not happened.  I have the best of intentions but intentions will not get me anywhere. 
  8. Build up a savings account towards buying a house in 2014/15. – The loss of my job has pushed this out a bit, but I am still committed to buying a house in the next few years.
  9. Take pictures at least 3 times a week. – I have not done this – but I have taken my camera when I needed to and I love the pics I have been getting.  They by no means masterpieces, but they tell my story.
  10. Blog at least once a week. – as you can tell that has not happened.  But what is interesting is that I am writing when I want to and I don’t worry about whether or not anyone reads it.  I like that.
  11. Take an art class from Donna Downey. – I don’t think I can afford this for this year, but I would like to take a road trip to NC to her studio next year and take a class.
  12. 12.  Purge at least 1/4 of the supplies in my scrap room – either by giving, selling or using it up.
  13. Purge my wardrobe of the things I no longer love and use. – Still working on this but I did go out and replace some things and I have been throwing out clothes as I come across them.
  14. 14.  Keep my nails longer naturally – no biting and no acrylics.
  15. Stay open to dating this year. – No go.  Who has time to worry about dating when you are losing your job, starting a new job and commuting like I have been.
  16. Spend at least 1 day each weekend out in the world instead of being a hermit like I normally am. – moderate success.  I have been trying to do things but really I have not been consistent. 
  17. Visit Monticello. – maybe this fall.
  18. Learn how to properly use my letterpress machine to its fullest. – I know there are videos on the web…I need to watch a few.
  19. Take a sewing class. – This may have to be put on hold.  Besides, I don’t have a sewing machine.
  20. Read at least 2 books every month. – I have not done 2 a month, but I did finish the Hunger Games trilogy in a week…so that counts right?
  21. Keep my TV consumption down to just 10 hours a week. – uh no.  But I do watch most things on the DVR now instead of trying to stay up and watch it live.
  22. 22.  Sing in the Synergy concert this Spring.
  23. Try public karaoke (I may need a posse for this one). – It could happen, but I don’t know when.
  24. Accept at least 1 invitation that I would normally say no to. – So far, no one is offering anything.
  25. Take a Saturday and spend it in DC taking pictures of the monuments. – will do in the fall.
  26. Complete scanning in the family pictures so my sister and I can have copies of them. – I have most of them in…a few more will need to be added.
  27. 27.  Take the Made to Crave Bible Study at FBCW starting in January.
  28. Purchase and take the Tim Holtz Chemistry 101 class. – purchased but I still have not actually tried most of the ideas. 
  29. Try at least 2 new recipes a month. – I am not consistent with this, but I have been trying new recipes often.
  30. Try at least 1 new food a month. – this I have not done AT ALL.
  31. Try one thing from Pinterest each month and blog about it.  A few recipes but no blogging…FAIL.
  32. Embrace my word for 2013 – Renew.  Look for places where I can be renewed each day.  Hmmm…I guess I do this occasionally
  33. Spend time in prayer each morning before things get too crazy for the day.  Allow myself to be quiet in His presence at least half of that time.   I am trying – but getting up early has been a struggle.  I am lucky to get it in at some point in the day – and I do try to do so.
  34. Go to a live concert. – not yet this year.
  35. Listen to 1 new Broadway soundtrack a month.  – not really one a month but I have been trying to expand my collection and also actually listen to some of the ones I have not listened to that I already own.
  36. Travel to NYC for a weekend in December (a hard one usually since I am busy).  – Probably not going to happen.
  37. Have a good headshot taken of me. Again, not a great possibility.
  38. Every year I say I want to fall in love this year.  But this time, I say, I want to have someone tell me they love me and really mean it. – the time is drawing to a close for this.
  39. I want to attract new people into my life this year.  Work brought new people – does that count?
  40. Finally, I want to find a way to serve this year – to give my life some meaning.  Still searching for something. 

Saying all of that – I did do a few things I wanted to do. 

  • Took a cooking class
  • Went to Lancaster PA for a scrapbooking convention (to shop only)
  • Scrapbooked a bunch of events
  • Organized photos on my computer
  • Cleaned out files on my computer hard drive
  • Purged some of the random crap I have been holding on to
  • Helped throw Sara’s baby shower

All in all, it has not been a bad year – just not the year I expected.  I still struggle with loneliness and fatigue and sadness.  It has been a time of grief and happiness, a time of joy and heartbreak.  And I am trying to remain present.



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