Finish the sentences…rediscovering answers

I was looking at Facebook Notes recently (which I probably have no used in like 2 years or more) and found this old list of “Finish the sentences” from March 2009 and I wanted to revisit them (old answers in black and new answers in bold).  It is amazing how things change and yet stay amazingly the same.

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss …was too long ago and I miss him a lot when I don’t see him.   Was with someone I wasted time on.

2. I am listening to… the hum of the heat in the house and nothing else.   The silence of the office the morning after a party.

3. I talk… when I need to and sometimes just cause I can.  In fits and bursts – a lot some days and a not at all other days.

4. I love…my friends, and my family, and mostly Scott.  That I am stronger and better than I used to think I was.

5. My best friends…are those who love me anyway.  Are few and far between but that is exactly why I love them…they are special.

6. My first real kiss…was a little scary.   In retrospect, my first kiss was as they usually are – awkward.

7. Love is… a whole new world to me but one I can’t wait to see more of.   That thing you can’t quite describe but it makes you better.

8. Marriage is…hopefully in the future…someday.   Still wishful thinking.

9. Somewhere… is my destiny.   Is the me I used to be and hope to find again.

10. I’ll always…a romantic at heart.   Be pragmatic and blunt and somewhat unapologetic about it…get used to it.

11. The last time I really cried was because…I thought something was over…but it’s not.   He hurt me.

12. My cell phone…is just a texting machine.  An appendage at this point in my life.

13. When I wake up in the morning… I have to get online.   I struggle to get out of bed.

14. Right now I am thinking about… work today.   Last night’s Supplier party.

14. Before I go to bed…i watch some tv to unwind.   I watch Jimmy Fallon.

16. Babies are…are great for someone else to have..  Fun to be with and fun to give back to their mom and dad.

17. I get on Myspace…never anymore.   NEVER.

18. Today I…will be finishing some projects.   Will be leaving early for a concert tonight.

19. Tomorrow I will be…going to my brother in laws birthday party.   Crafting all day (gotta get ready for the cube decorating contest).

20. I really want to be…happy with me. (Thanks Matthew) This has not changed – happy with me.


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