This blog has been purposely ignored

I know, I know…most of you gave up on me long ago and figure that you will read this when you stumble upon it…whenever that may actually happen. So you want the update? There is a lot!

  • The big news is that I am finally, finally, finally MOVING! I signed a lease on a place in Orange VA and I move next month.  It is brand new and it is beautiful and while I don’t expect it to be perfect per se – I am super excited about this step. It will be scary. It will be liberating. It will be exciting and boring and fun and hard and easy and all of that wrapped into one big experiment/experience.
  • I just had my 1 year anniversary at my job. If you had asked them my first week if I would be here 1 year later, I am sure nobody would have said yes. It was a rough start as I was pretty sure I had made a colossal mistake. And if you had asked me 2 months ago, I might have said the same thing. I hit a rough patch and while I was assured that it would not affect my future here, it was a tough time and I had to get over more than a few hurt feelings. But things are looking good as I get ready to start working from home. And they are all behind me (even while giving me a hard time)
  • I met someone. I am trying – actively – to not talk much about it, but he is great. And the move doesn’t scare him. And I am enjoying getting to know someone new. Nuff said.
  • This weekend I say goodbye – or see you later J – to one of the best little families I know and a small wunderkid that makes me smile. I will be weepy and stupid I am sure. I should be used to goodbyes but they never seem to get any easier.

I am currently packing – and BTW if you have boxes…I need some – and organizing, and clearing out. I have about 6000 piles of random things that need a home or a trashcan. Each day, I make a small dent in the piles. It seems to be never ending.  On the plus side, I have been offered a few of the furniture pieces I needed by some very generous friends and so the place will come together better than I had thought it would in the beginning. I still have a lot to do and the time is running short.

There is much I leave behind me however – that I will miss:

  • The girls in the office who make me laugh at least a couple times a day
  • The safety of the familiar
  • Celebration Singers
  • My mom (who is of course not going away but will not be as accessible – check your answering machine mom!)
  • Ikea moments from my house

Saying all of that, I am mostly going to miss living in a place where everything is at my fingertips.

And you know what – there are a lot of things I will NOT miss:

  • Commuting
  • No view
  • No stars that I can see at night thanks to the lights
  • Having things at my fingertips…sometimes it is just too easy to overindulge

I feel like I have been hanging on this cliff for a year waiting to jump and it is finally happening. I am preparing to fly. Wish me luck on the journey!


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