Week 1

So week 1 is coming to a close and I have to say – I love living alone (so far).  Yes, it is odd to have no one to physically talk to most of the day.  Yes, I am on the phone with work people WAY more than I used to be.  Yes, some days I look at the space around me and think – I have to take care of all of this by myself?  But overall, I love it.

So what happened this week? I unpacked some more stuff, made piles of stuff, threw out trash from unpacking, moved piles of stuff, cooked/baked for the week, took a drive around the big town of Orange (it took all of 10 minutes), went to a 1 stall farmers market and got my nails done at a small nail salon that I will most likely not go back to.  All in all, not a bad week.

I think I will feel much better when I have my couch and I know how the bills are going to fall each month.  I need some stability in my life right now.  A lot has been up and down obviously.  And there seems to be many more piles of stuff I need to deal with.

Today my mom is bringing more stuff down – OMG! – and James is coming for his first visit to Orange.  Looking forward to week 2!


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