Week 2 – It’s all a little strange

So week 2 here at the new place is coming to conclusion and I have to say – it’s all a little strange here.  Or at least strange to me.

Last weekend my mom came down to go Flea Market shopping and to bring more of my stuff down.  There is a bit left at her house, I will be picking some of it up this weekend as well.  The big thing, my bed was left behind when we could not get it to come apart.  Now it is apart and I worry about getting it back together again.  🙂  I will not be bringing that back but I expect in the next week or so it will find it’s way here.

I also got a visit from J and he brought me a housewarming gift – a Pandora bracelet!  It was really thoughtful and sweet and I have been wearing it daily – a feat that many will not understand but for me is a HUGE deal.

Yesterday I went to a hot dog cookout sponsored by the apartment complex hoping to meet a few neighbors…but it was during the day so it was mostly moms and kids that attended.   It was very nice of them to do it however, so I really can’t complain.  I hope at some point I will be able to meet more people.  I am not generally good at that – so any push helps.

Here is what I am learning about myself –

  • I am generally not a very talkative person but I miss talking – I am even reading this out loud as I write it so that I can hear a voice.
  • I call my office a lot more than I thought I would.
  • I call my mom and lot less than I thought I would.
  • While it is odd to not have the world at my fingertips here in Orange, I don’t really miss it so far.  I have what I NEED.
  • I am not generally bothered by living with a mess while I sort things out, but I have to say – what is getting on my nerves is not knowing where things will live permanently.
  • I have a doctor’s appointment today and I have to go out to Fredericksburg to go see a doctor – my boss said that is what happens when you live on the edge of nowhere.
  • Working remotely has its perks – but when you can’t easily sign into the system…it kind of sucks.  Today I heard – there is something deeply complicated going on with my account.  (wonderful way to start the day and it means I will have to work this weekend I am sure)
  • When you only own 4 plates, it is amazing how often you find yourself washing dishes.
  • I had the most amazing burger at Wise Guys in Orange this week with my mom and her friend Bev.  Yummy!  Def worth trying again.
  • So far, at least, most of the people here are very nice and polite…at least compared to NOVA (and I realize that is not saying a whole lot)
  • I have tended to visit the grocery store at lunch time and it is usually me, stay at home moms and senior citizens.  I am not used to being in the minority but there it is.
  • I have been to several stores here that are cramped and not in the best shape – messy or even dungy – but the workers there are so much friendlier than at home that I almost don’t notice.

This weekend I will go home to see mom – and return a couple of things to Ikea – and then to Leesburg to see J.   All in all – not a bad week 2.  Oh – and my couch will be here in a week…so if you were thinking about visiting and need a place to crash for a night I will be ready 🙂





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