Week 3 – I just want it all to be done

Major progress this week on the apartment – my couch was delivered, I bought and assembled 2 bookcases to house my craft items (finally!!), I bought a few additional things to help organize my office/work stuff, and my “to get” list is getting considerable shorter.

But not fast enough. 🙂

At least not fast enough for me.  I still have things at my mom’s house that need to come down here.  I still need to find forever homes for some of the things I own.  I still need to finish unpacking the items that will fill the shelves I bought and assembled today.

Impatient…why yes I am 🙂

This week I found myself restless more than once.  I found myself having to get out of the apartment after working 3 or 4 nights this week…just to get out.  Just to escape.  I am in the same space every day all day and all night.   I need to find a better way to deal with being here – hobbies (once unpacked), reading – something.

My mom and I went out today to antique/junk stores and I was reminded that I want to spend some time out with my camera soon…that may be sooner rather than later…like tomorrow sooner if I can’t find something to do.

Good week – impatient week – but a good week overall.


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