When you question…

I visited a new church this weekend.  There was a lot of good stuff there – nice friendly people, relaxed environment, clear bible following and a knowledge that community is important for believers.  All things I have been looking for.

There were as things that were, well not troubling, but things that made me wonder if it was the right place.  It is very very small, the service is traditional to the point of apologizing for the VBS music (which was contemporary), and (while I know I have been spoiled by the pastor at my home church) it was a little difficult to listen to the pastor speak as he kept stumbling over his words.

I am not sure it is my new church home, but I am not opposed to going back to visit and give it another try.

There was one thing that the pastor said said however, that made me pull out my bible at home and take a look at the scripture to make sure that what he said was accurate (which I didn’t believe it was).  And while his misinterpretation was not egregious and it certainly didn’t change the sermon in any way, it did make me look it up when I got home.  And sure enough, I was right – he had misspoken on that particular scripture.

I will forever be grateful to Pastor Ray Bearden at FBCW who was the one that really enforced that it is important to not just listen to speakers but to take the time to look up the things you learned in the source material – whether to fact check or to expand learning.


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