Week 5 and 6 – Orange you glad…

Things here in Orange have been crazy busy!  Mostly work things and so I won’t bore you with details, but it has been kicking my butt lately and it seems like it will continue for some time.  So here is the quick shot of what has been happening:

1.  I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this week.  I posted the video on Facebook.  Not only is ALS a client of mine at work, but my high school choir director had ALS.  She died several years ago, and while I won’t pretend to have great high school memories of her, I remember how frightening it seemed that her body would paralyze her while her mind still was sharp.  I can’t imagine much worse.

2.  I almost have all of my furniture in the apartment – I am so close.  🙂

3.  I have not seen J in a long time.  Too long.  Tonight I will remedy that.

4.  What I really need is a full 2 or 3 days to spend on my apartment.  Organizing, cleaning, moving, etc.  Even though I have not see J in too long, I still have not had a chance to spend much time on the place…and there is so much stuff to do.

5.  I got to go to work last week and see everyone and then we had the company picnic and I spent some time with mom over the weekend before heading home.  And I got to see a movie with Lynn and Crystel – not a bad way to spend the weekend.

6. This weekend I get to see Sara and Micah!  So happy!

7.  When I use my home phone to call people, caller ID just says “ORANGE”.  So that is my new name now.  🙂

8.  Speaking of Orange, I finished Orange is the New Black 2 seasons in about 1.5 weeks.  And I am about to start reading the book.    Anyone else addicted?

9.  Finally, I am starved for conversation.  Most days I fight the urge to talk to the walls.  So if you ever need to chat…I amy be your girl.



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